Driveway Trends for 2018

Here at Hamilton Paving, we understand the potential that is bestowed upon the driveway industry every year. After all, as seasons change so do the trends that have dominated them! As 2018 has escaped the jaws of what could be considered the longest January in existence, we have decided to finally go over some of the hottest trends that we expect to take shape throughout the year…


Over the past decade, driveways have become all about aesthetics rather than practicality and it looks like geometric patterns are the next big thing to take over the design world. In fact, the focus on art is so great that people are turning their driveways into one, using geometric patterns to wow above and beyond. A design choice that is not for the faint-hearted, geometrics are expected to win over the crowds in 2018.


Whilst design is expected to be the ruler of 2018, it doesn’t mean that common sense can’t play a part. After all, it can be hard to illuminate a driveway adequately in order to avoid accidents and injuries in the dark. Luckily a new trend that is taking hold involves the addition of solar powered lighting being implemented into the design of a driveway. The idea is that the sun charges them during the day so they remain on throughout the night, guiding you to and from your vehicle at even the earliest of hours.


Every single year there are new material choices appearing on the market which allows people to be incredibly flexible with their choices. After all, a plain concrete driveway can get very drab very quickly. From stained clay to crazy paving, 2018 brings a whole new world of design and choice to the table.

Here at Hamilton Paving, we believe that investing in your driveway is a great way to kick off 2018. After all, there is nothing that will make the neighbours green with envy than a brand-new home exterior brandishing all the new and popular features of the year. To find out more information, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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How To Maintain a Driveway

Driveways can be a tricky task when you don’t have much time on your hands and certain materials require a specific attention to detail in order to ensure that they remain in tip top condition. In fact, whilst there are some differences that separate the way we care for some driveways, the basics are always the same. Here are a few important factors in driveway maintenance…

Spills and Stains

Regardless of the material, a spillage on a driveway is almost always a task that requires immediate attention. After all, without a fix it can cause permanent damage to the driveway. In order to prevent spills from things like oil and chemical car cleaners you should place down a tarp of some kind as this will form a barrier between your driveway and a spilled liquid.


Gravel driveways are an exception to this maintenance point however cracks on a driveway can not only be unsightly, they can be dangerous. After all, walking on the surface in the dark becomes a game of par-core and children who play on the driveway are put at risk. To prevent cracks in driveways, you should treat any superficial marks as soon as possible as if you ignore them they will get worse over time. In fact, some cracked driveways that are neglected are beyond a touch up and require a full replacement when the problem is finally treated.


The most important factor in driveway maintenance is understanding the different needs that each driveway had. For example, stains must be removed as soon as possible on concrete and tarmac surfaces however there is no need to move and manipulate the material like would you do with loose gravel. If you are able to care for your chosen driveway materials needs then you will certainly have a very long lasting drive.

Here at Hamilton Paving we believe that it is essential to pull out all the stops when it comes to driveways maintenance. After all, a well looked after drive is an investment that will pay off handsomely. To find out more information, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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The Benefits of a Tarmac Driveway

Although tarmac is often used to pave roads, more and more people are starting to implement the material into their driveways. After all, a tarmac driveway has plenty of potential. As the experts on all things driveway related, the team here at Hamilton Paving are going to go over some of the benefits that investing in a tarmac driveway can provide…


Tarmac is a material that is able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles which makes it incredibly durable in comparison to weaker alternative materials like paving slabs and concrete. In fact, tarmac is a cost effective solution for a home that has multiple drivers due to this very characteristic. In addition to this, tarmac is a smooth surface which means there is very little room for it to become damaged from adverse weather conditions like the freeze-thaw cycle of ice. Plus, everyday weather conditions like rain, snow and heat do not affect the integrity of a tarmac driveway either.


Driveways can be a nag to take car off regardless of the material choice which is why it is important to opt for a low maintenance material if you do not have much time on your hands. Luckily, tarmac offers just that! In fact, repairs and maintenance are extremely easy to correct and wont set you back an entire months pay. Most of the time tarmac related damage is due to wear and tear which means that it would likely be years before you would have to start organising repairs.


As one of the most affordable materials for a driveway, tarmac beats the competitors by a landslide. After all, it is cheap to buy, install and maintain which is a very rare characteristic to find in a driveway material. Plus when you invest in a tarmac driveway, the investment will surely pay itself off in no time.

Here at Hamilton Paving we are experienced in a range of different services including driveways, patios, fencing, decking and much more! After all, it is not easy to complete any of these task and you need experience and knowledge on your side to get the job done correctly. To find out more information about how a tarmac driveway could benefit you, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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Cracked Driveways: Patch, Resurface or Replace

Over the years a driveway suffers at the hands of mother nature and the weight of your vehicle which can lead to some pretty unsightly cracking. In fact not only can this ruin the aesthetic of your home exterior, it can be rather unsafe too. With this said, fixing a driveway crack can be a costly endeavour and in order to ensure that you make the right choice the team here at Hamilton Paving are going to weight up the options…

Patch Job

If the damage to your driveway is minor and you just want to prevent any further damage from occurring then you can opt for a patch work job. This involves filling cracks that are less than a quarter inch wide with a liquid filler. Whilst it may not look as good, the job can even be done yourself. Patching up driveway cracks is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your drive if you aren’t overly fussed about the aesthetics and how it looks.


Sometimes it can be more cost effective to look into resurfacing, especially if your driveway is requiring constant patching up. This process involves removing the very top layer of a driveway, the part that is damaged, and replacing it with new material. The finished product is a driveway that looks completely brand new but costs much less. This is beneficial for those who champion aesthetics however if you have problems with the foundation of the driveway then this option could backfire.


Driveways that are beyond patching and resurfacing have to be completely replaced. This involves completely removing the entire driveway and its foundation and starting from scratch with an entirely new design. After all, resurfacing will only hide the problems and patchwork will make the driveway look worse for wear. Driveway replacements can be costly so it is important to shop around and find an experienced and trustworthy contractor to do the job.

Here at Hamilton Paving we want to make sure that our readers make decisions based on their driveway and not the driveway that is being used as an example in an article. After all, every driveway is different. If you’re still unsure which method of treating driveway cracks is best for you, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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The Lowdown on Shared Driveways

In the UK it is not uncommon to see many semi-detaches home sharing a driveway. In fact, whilst they tend to be larger than the average singular driveway, it is not uncommon for neighbours to go head to head over their rights. In order to ensure you know how a shared driveway works, the team here at Hamilton Paving have decided to go over everything you need to know…

Right of Way

The main thing that causes drama over shared driveways is the fact that most have something known as an easement which allows one tenant right of way over the other and this document contains the rights and obligations of both parties. A right of way easement simply dictates the right to pass over a certain area of land on foot or in a vehicle. It also states that both parties are responsible for making sure that all damage is repaired promptly and that the driveway is kept free from obstructions. This sounds simple however it means that a neighbour may park on the right of way and as long as the other person can still get past they are not in breach of any rights.

Maintenance, Repairs and New Installations

Of course, since a shared driveway is used by two parties this generally means that all maintenance and repairs have to be split down the middle in order to ensure that the pay out is fair and equal. Unfortunately this often leads to disputes between home owners as one may argue that there is more damage on the other side and that they shouldn’t pay for the repairs because they didn’t cause it. Another common issue is the question of having a new driveway installed. After all, in order for this to happen both parties have to agree with one another. Again, the cost is often split down the middle.

When it comes to shared driveways it is safe to say that they can be a nightmare which is why you should always know your rights in order to stop your neighbour making decisions without your input. If you and your neighbour have both decided to have your shared driveway done up, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today to find out more information!

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Frequently Asked Driveway Questions

Here at Hamilton Paving it is safe to say that we have the easy ride when it comes to driveways. After all, we already know everything there is to know and more! On the other hand, this also means that our customers and clients are often left in the dark about the details regarding their own driveway project. Whilst it is unnecessary to understand all the jargon, there are a few frequently asked questions that could help you stay in the loop! Read on to find out the top three…

How long will the installation take?  

Every single driveway project is different which means that your own timeframe could differ greatly from someone else who used our services. This is because we have to account for the size of the driveway, any adverse weather conditions that could cause us to halt installation for several days and the availability of the client as we often require the client to be on site.

What should I do after the driveway is finished?  

Many people do not know that you should keep vehicles off the driveway for at least 48-72 hours after it has been completed. This is because the final seal of the driveway needs time to cure or set in order to protect against the growth of weeds or any future stains. With this said, it is fine to walk on the driveway during this time frame so you are still able to leave and enter your home as normal.

What type of driveways are there to choose from?  

Many driveway businesses have a very wide range of materials to choose from that allows every client the ability to personalise their driveway. From concrete to tarmac, gravel to paving blocks and natural stone to crazy paving we have mostly definitely got your driveway covered!

When it comes to driveways the team here at Hamilton Paving want to make sure that every single client is catered for as best as they can possibly be and this includes making sure that the jargon the team use does not alienate and separate them from the work that is being completed. After all, that’s why we are the best driveways in Buckinghamshire! If your FAQ didn’t make our list, get in contact with a member of the Hamilton Paving team today!

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4 Important Facts About Gravel Driveways

Gravel is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated types of driveway materials on the market and here at Hamilton Paving we want to advocate for this wallet friendly solution. After all, every single material comes with its own list of pros and cons. Thankfully, this isn’t a pros and cons kind of blog as we want to go over a few simple yet important facts you should know before committing to a gravel driveway…

  1. A gravel driveway is quite a unique type of material because it comes with little maintenance and is friendly on the bank balance. From time to time owners will have to regrade the surface and remove any weeds however other than that the driveway can last for a century with the correct maintenance and care.


  1. Most of the time homeowners tend to worry about permeability when it comes to their driveway however a gravel driveway is the perfect solution because the texture allows rainwater to drain quickly and efficiency straight through it and into the soil below. Due to this it is the perfect solution for homes that are located in moisture heavy environments or places that receive a lot of rainfall.


  1. Many people think that gravel is quite a limiting material choice however it is now rather varied and comes in a range of different colours and textures. For example, a gravel consistency made up of smaller stones can make the surface much easier to walk on and provide easier traction in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as a park.


  1. Gravel is often made up of crushed stones that come in a range of different sizes and consistencies. The overall size of the stone fragments is left for the customer to decide. Over the years however a range of different types have come into the market such as bench gravel, fine gravel, pea gravel and bank gravel.

Here at Hamilton Paving, we think that it is only right that our customers are given the correct information and sometimes a list of pros and cons just isn’t suitable. Laying out all the facts however can be incredibly beneficial as customers are able to learn about the material rather than just the positives and negatives of having it installed. For more information about our range of driveway services, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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New Year, New Driveway

A brand new year provides the perfect opportunity to make some big changes. Whether this be personal development or home improvements, there is a entire list of potential changes to choose from. Take your driveway for example. If it is looking dull, dreary and a little bit sad then the start of a new year could be just what you need to turn the exterior of your home around. Here are a few designs to choose from…

Crazy Paving

If you are a fan of obscure designs then this could be the new start for you. Crazy paving is a particularly popular new design that has been taking the driveway world by storm. It involves laying the paving slab section in an untraditional and mixed pattern. With this said, the laying of this design requires serious skill and a lot of dedication however a good contractor will ensure that the paving lasts for many years.


A driveway favourite, concrete has been around for many years and for several good reasons. Not only is it an extremely durable type of material that is able to withstand the weight of one or more vehicles, it is a very low maintenance option that is perfect for the busy individual who is coming and going all the time. Whilst it is often more expensive than other materials like gravel, many choose to see it as an investment for the future.


Although it is usually used to pave the roads that we drive on, more and more people have started to opt for tarmac as a driveway surface material too. After all, it is incredibly durable without the expensive price tag that comes with concrete and can last around 15 years before maintenance is needed. In addition to this, a tarmac driveway can also improve the value of your home too.

Here at Hamilton Paving we know how much of a big step it is to start the process of installing a new driveway however there is no better time than the new year to finally throw out the old and let in the new. In fact, these materials are only the tip of the iceberg! In order to find out more information about redesigning your driveway in 2018, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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Tips for a Snow and Ice Free Driveway

The cold weather in the UK is underway and reports say that temperature got so low that cars were frozen into place! In fact, driving in general can be nightmare when snow and ice start to take over which is why the team here at Hamilton Paving want our readers to know exactly how to respond. Here are our top tips to keep your driveway safe during the winter weather…


Staying ahead of the game is always going to beneficial and checking the forecast is the best way to do this. Not only can it help you put down some rock salt in preparation for the snow, it can also help you plan extra time for your journey in conjunction with the weather.

Rock Salt

Whilst rock salt is one of the best ways to keep your driveway safe during icy conditions, you have to remember to be sparingly in certain areas. This is because it can damage the body work of your car or contaminate any nearby water.


If an icy driveway often leaves you unable to drive into work then you may want to invest in a snow melting matt. These are systems that recognise when the weather has dropped and work in order to reduce the temperature so that the nearby ice and snow melt.


You cant beat a shovel when it comes to the snow. After all, it can move the snow out of the way in no time however with this said, you have to set aside extra time and also put the pile of snow in a location that wont inconvenience any neighbours or pedestrians.

Here at Hamilton Paving it is important to remember that extreme weather can not only damage your driveway but also put your safety at risk! If your driveway is too icy to walk on then it is often too slippery for the car wheels to grip onto which means that your car is best left where it is. With this said, putting our tips into action can help you before this becomes a problem! To find out more information or to request a consultation about our services, get in contact with the best driveways in Buckinghamshire today!

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Professionals vs DIY

It can be very tempting to carry out building work on your own in order to save a few hundred pounds. After all, how hard can it be? Here at Hamilton Paving we want to draw a line between hiring professionals and opting for the DIY route as both are incredibly different from one another. Read on to find out why it is always best to hire people who know what they’re doing when it comes to the exterior of your home…

Digging Deep

Laying a driveway is not a simple task and there is a lot of preparation that must take place before you can even think about putting down your chosen material. In fact, one thing that all professionals know is the importance of a good sub-base and the depth of an excavation. During the driveway laying process it is important to ensure that you dig deep enough into the ground so that all the necessary layers can be placed, and not only can the DIY people miss this out, you could end up digging too deep or too low.

Decision Making

Whilst professionals will always ask the opinion of the homeowner, it is important to recognise that they have years of experience to make decisions based on and due to this they will be able to assist you with complicated decisions. A draw back of deciding to opt for the DIY route is the risk of making an ill-informed decision that may impact the whole driveway.

First Time

It is not easy to fix a botched driveway which is why it is vital that a driveway is laid correctly the first time around. Of course, a professional will have done it hundreds of times so they can rely on this experience as well as muscle memory whereas doing it yourself is quite a risky decision as so many things can go wrong and you wont know how to fix them.

Here at Hamilton Paving we like to ensure that our clients are making the best decision for their requirements however sometimes it is not always the best decision over all. Opting for a DIY driveway can be risky and is very time consuming so whilst you may save some cash, you will need to work long hours to get the job done. Due to this, we always recommend that you consult an expert and luckily, we are the best driveways in Buckinghamshire! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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